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CollegeBrowser | JEE Main 2023 April 13 1st Shift Exam Analysis
Admin | Content Curator Updated : May-17-23

JEE Main 2023 April 13 1st Shift Exam Analysis: Candidates will find this paper easy to moderate

JEE Main Exam Analysis:

JEE Main Exam Analysis:Today is the fifth day of Common Entrance Exam (Main) 2023. The first test of the day was conducted between 9:00 A.M. and 12:00 p.m. The examination of the second day of BArch and BPplanning papers will take place from 15-18. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the entrance exam for B.E./B.Tech and BArch/BPlanning programs in various engineering colleges in India. This exam also serves as a gateway to JEE Advanced, which is required for admission to IITs and NITs. According to Nitin Arora, Assistant Professor, Academics Engg, Aakash BYJU'S, the exam was easy to follow. Below are the key insights from Day 5 – JEE Main (Session 2) 1st Shift – 2023:

Subject Wise Difficulty Level

Physics was rated as easy in terms of difficulty. It mostly consisted of easy and moderate questions. The questions were evenly distributed across all the units and most of the questions were based on NCERT. Chemistry was rated as easy to moderate on difficulty level. Almost equal weightage was given to Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

Mathematics was graded from medium to difficult. Questions were asked about all the chapters. The emphasis was on algebra.

Class Wise Distribution Level

  • In Physics, majorly questions were from the Class 12th syllabus.
  • In Chemistry, majorly questions were from the Class 12th syllabus.
  • In Mathematics, majorly questions were from the Class 11th syllabus.

Overall the questions had an approximately equal weightage from Class 11th & Class 12th syllabus.

Overall Difficulty Level

JEE Main Session (2nd Session) 11th April 2023 - The overall difficulty of Switch 1 was easy to manage. Mathematics was the most difficult of all three subjects. The order of difficulty in various subjects - according to our experts, is Mathematics > Chemistry > Physics.