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IIT Jodhpur Smartphone Based System - College Browser
Admin | Content Curator Updated : Apr-02-24

IIT Jodhpur Develops a Smartphone-Based System for Faster Glucose Testing

In a development that could revolutionise diabetes management, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (IIT Jodhpur) have created a novel system for quick glucose testing using a smartphone. This innovative approach aims to provide patients with easy and on-the-spot access to their glucose levels, eliminating the need for traditional finger pricking and laboratory settings.

The system leverages a paper-based analytical device (PAD) that works in conjunction with a smartphone app. The paper-based analytical device (PAD), a specially treated biodegradable paper, changes colour based on the concentration of glucose in a blood sample. The smartphone app then captures an image of the paper-based analytical device (PAD) and analyses the colour change to determine the blood sugar level. This user-friendly approach allows for quick and convenient glucose testing at any time and place.

"This new system has the potential to greatly improve diabetes management, particularly for those who require frequent monitoring of their blood sugar levels."

The Indian Institute of Technology's or IIT Jodhpur team's development holds immense promise for simplifying diabetes care. This smartphone-based system could be particularly beneficial for people in remote areas or those with limited access to healthcare facilities. With further research and development, this innovation has the potential to become a widely used tool for diabetes management, empowering patients to take better control of their health.