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Admin | Content Curator Updated : Apr-25-24

Hinglish for engineering? Noida College's Experiment Points to Local Languages Boosting STEM Education.

A novel experiment at a Noida college is stirring discussions on the role of local languages in engineering education. The GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management has seen success with its computer science program taught in Hinglish, a blend of Hindi and English.

Students are inclined to adapt well to this approach. The college says that the number of students enrolled in the Hindi program has increased significantly, almost doubling from 39 in 2021–2022 to 70 in 2022–2023. Professors use Hindi and English to teach technical topics; however, they always use English for basic technical words. The popularity of the program suggests that this multilingual approach is helping students understand more.

The experiment's success has rekindled the discussion of whether or not local language training is practical in India's technological fields. Advocates contend that speaking in a language that children are comfortable with can help lower barriers for students whose first language is not English, which may enhance their performance and access to STEM disciplines.

However, there are certain issues to be resolved. The standardisation of technical terminology among Indian languages is a matter of concern. Furthermore, the long-term viability of these initiatives depends on guaranteeing the accessibility of high-quality educational materials in the local languages.

The experiment conducted by Noida College sheds light on the possible benefits of using regional languages in engineering education. It will be fascinating to watch if this strategy picks up steam in other academic settings and among various technical specialties as the discussion goes on.