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SAT March 2023 Notification

About SAT 2023

According to a College Board release, the SAT exams are undergoing several changes, including the addition of digital versions of the SAT exam suite. The SAT exam was introduced on a digital platform following a successful US pilot test. The appointment time for the SAT exam went from 3 hours to 2 hours and the student got more time per question than hers. Each short reading passage of the online SAT has a question about it.
The passages given to students on SAT exam day include a variety of topics related to what the student has learned in college. Additionally, students can use the calculator in the maths portion of the SAT. SAT exam results are now available to students and teachers in days instead of weeks. Through the SAT Suite's digital outcome reports, students can now link to information and resources about nearby colleges, workforce training programs, and career opportunities. These also apply to her SAT exams in India.

SAT - Highlights

The governing body is the College Board and all information is available at

  1. The new SAT exams will be shorter. The test lasts 2 hours instead of 3 hours.
  2. The SAT reading passages are getting shorter. They cover a wide range of subjects corresponding to those studied by university students.
  3. Calculators will be permitted for the SAT Maths component.
  4. SAT score generation is fast, and students and teachers can receive their SAT scores within days.
  5. International applicants now have seven opportunities to take the SAT exam per year instead of five. This action makes the test better suited for the American market.
  6. The SAT will be broadcast internationally in digital format from 2023. It is expected to enter into force in the United States in 2024.
  7. There will be no paper-and-pencil tests as all international test sites will switch to digital SAT test dates in March 2023.
  8. Starting in Fall 2023, all students taking PSAT-related tests will use digital tests. However, in the US pen and paper are used to manage the SAT school days and SAT weekends.
  9. Beginning Spring 2024, the entire SAT Suite of Assessments will be available online.
  10. The SAT exam is awarded 1600 points. Assessments are not taken at home but at a testing facility or school in the presence of a proctor.

How to apply for SAT exam

The SAT is administered seven times a year in the United States. A new change introduced by the College Board from March 2023 allows international students to take their SAT exams seven times a year, up from five previously. SAT exam dates are January, March, May, June, October, November, and December. To register for the 2023 SAT test date, candidates must complete the following steps:

  • Visit the College Board website and click the official SAT registration link to create a College Board account.
  • Please complete all required information on the application form and answer the relevant questions.
  • Upload the scanned photo in the required format.
  • Pay the SAT registration fee.
  • In addition to registering for the SAT exam online, candidates can also register for the SAT by email or phone.

Important dates for SAT 2023

Announcements Date
Application - Registration deadline ( March 2023 SAT ) - Start Date | Mode : Online

10 Feb 2023

Application - Deadline for changes, regular cancellation, and late registration ( March 2023 SAT ) - Start Date | Mode: Online

28 Feb 2023

Exam March 2023 SAT | Mode: Online

11 March 2023

Application - Registration deadline ( May 2023 SAT ) - Start Date | Mode : Online

7 April 2023

Application - Deadline for changes, regular cancellation, and late registration ( May 2023 SAT ) - Start Date | Mode: Online

25 April 2023

Application - Registration deadline ( June 2023 SAT ) - Start Date | Mode: Online

4 May 2023

Exam - May 2023 SAT | Mode: Online

6 May 2023

Application Deadline for changes, regular cancellation, and late registration ( June 2023 SAT ) - Start Date | Mode: Online

23 May 2023

Exam - June 2023 SAT | Mode: Online

3 June 2023

SAT 2023 Eligibility Criteria:

    The College Board does not mandate eligibility criteria for the 2023 SAT exam for undergraduates, so all candidates, regardless of age, can take the 2023 SAT exam. With that said, there are some points candidates can refer to before taking the SAT exam.

  1. As a general rule, high school students between the ages of 17 and 18 take the SAT. There are the SAT eligibility criteria.
  2. If a candidate falls into the under 13 age group, they may only register for the SAT exam by mail. This also applies to SAT qualifications.
  3. Now start filling in the information for registration. The login password will be sent to your mobile number or by mail
  4. Candidates over the age of 21 must present a government-issued photo ID at the test center on test day.

SAT 2023 Preparation Tips:

  • Understanding the SAT – Candidates should be aware of the format and types of SAT 2023 questions to improve their preparation for the SAT.
  • Conceptual Understanding - Candidates should ensure that they have solid knowledge and understanding of the subject matter being assessed by the SAT. This can be done by studying regularly and repeating the subjects taught in school.
  • Practice/Mock Tests – Candidates are required to complete practice questions and practice tests in a timed setting to familiarise themselves with the exam day procedures. This practice also allows candidates to study further and identify areas in which they need to prepare for the SAT.
  • Stick to the Schedule – Candidates should follow the SAT 2023 preparation schedule to ensure regular study and practice to achieve a high SAT score.


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