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Website Overview

Collegebrowser Web Pvt. is the Director, Director and Operator of Collegebrowser.com and all its versions including mobile phones and applications. Collegebrowser.com is a course or college/institution search engine that helps students by providing detailed information about the admission process of a program or college/institution. Collegebrowser guides students through the application process and informs them of all available study options. CollegeBrowser does not accept applications/registrations on behalf of any college or institution, be it associate colleges or other listed colleges. By registering for any course or college/institution on the website, the student is deemed to have requested assistance from the Collegebrowser team.


The site is not designed to attract users under the age of 13, so the company does not intend to store the data of users under the specified age. By qualifying or using the Portal, it is considered that the User has implied and acknowledges that he meets the minimum requirements mentioned. Upon receiving any information contrary to the above, the user and his information will be deleted.

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This website is designed to protect the private information users provide when they create user accounts following the terms and conditions specified herein. By creating an account, the user agrees to the conditions necessary to protect the confidentiality of the account username and password and is solely responsible for any activity conducted under the user's account. The user also agrees to accept all risks and responsibilities associated with the activities on behalf of the user. Users also agree to receive text messages and emails containing information about the universities and programs to which they have applied and related colleges and programs.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy applies only to Collegebrowser and not to any linked websites to which applicable privacy policies and/or terms of use apply. The website uses cookies and other tracking technologies. Some cookies and other technologies may be used to retrieve personally identifiable information previously provided by a web user. Most browsers allow you to control cookies, including whether or not to accept them and how to delete them. By providing your information to us in the ways described below, you agree to our Privacy Policy and consent to us using your information in the ways described here.

Information collected by the website

Collegebrowser's data collection methods are- Contact Forms (the website's contact forms are made to facilitate information submission by collecting users' interests, educational requirements and age, etc.) and login/registration (creating a user account for the visitor to agree to the ). terms of the website. The information collected may consist of personal or non-personal information. We may store, collect, use and process your information in accordance with applicable laws in India The website collects user data to provide recommendations tailored to students' profile and to keep them informed about ongoing application processes